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For an over the road truck driver, length of haul is important. For a regional truck driver length of haul may not be as important, You can choose to run long haul or regional.

I love the well maintained equipment and the XM radio's in all the trucks payed for by the Company. Prepass, EZ Pass and the Oklahoma pike Pass keeps me on the road more with less stops.

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I never have to be concerned about money on the road. 10 cents on every dispatched mile is put into your advance account that you can draw from by Com Check or have it put on your fuel card so you can get your money when you fuel. That prevents the extra charges for check cashing.

If your looking for a truck driving job, or want to change from your current company, you have many companies and truck driving jobs to choose from. Con-way Truckload has many driving Opportunities and benefits, for teams, solos, and student drivers. A Truckload driver is paid when the trip is dispatched, not when the trip pack envelope is delivered to the company. That means that you get paid faster, Drivers are paid weekly. There are many benefits driving for Con-way Truckload, so fill out the form at the bottom of this site and find out more from Con-way Truckload recruiting

10 Reasons To Work For Con-way Truckload

  1. Weekly Pay
  2. Advance Account
  3. Modern Equipment
  4. XM Radio
  5. Pre-Pass
  6. OK Pike Pass
  7. EZ Pass
  8. Great Miles
  9. Great Pay
  10. Benefits

Con-way Truckload Jobs

Con-way Truckload Driver# H7242

I am a driver for Con-way Truckload. I started my truck driving career in 1995 and have driven for several companies. I have also spent four years as an owner operator. I have now driven five years and 534,000 miles, as a company driver For Con-way Truckload .

I can honestly say that Con-way Truckload is the best company I have had the pleasure to drive a truck for. They really do have the driver in mind around all they do. So if your looking for a truck driving job or career, come explore what makes Con-way Truckload among the best in the industry.

As a company driver, Con-way pays .36 cents per mile, .41 cents per mile if your in the 11 North East states. Team drivers start at .44 cents per mile. Owner Operators start at .93 cents per mile. Placarded HAZMAT loads pay an extra .03 per mile. Con-way Truckload pays practical miles. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page to get more information from a Recruiter

Con-way Truckload


Well Maintained Equipment

Con-way Truckload Truck











With one of the most modern fleets on the road and well maintained equipment, downtime on the road is rarely is issue.

At our corporate headquarters terminal in Joplin,MO. All trucks are inspected upon arrival, and any maintenance issues are taken care of at that time. With wash bays at our Joplin,MO and Laredo,TX terminals, equipment is kept clean.

Con-way Truckload


Con-way Truckload Terminals

Con-way Truckload TerminalsCon-way Truckload Terminals are well maintained and equipped with many driver amenities. The Main Terminal in Joplin Missouri has a cafeteria, full size gymnasium, locker rooms, weight room, bunk rooms, laundry and a company store for purchasing clothing and supplies. Our other terminals are located in, Lancaster,TX Laredo,TX West Memphis,AR And Taylor,MI.


Con-way Truckload



Team Drivers Needed!

Con-way Truckload Teams Many of our customers require teams to haul their freight. Some of these customers enable us to have dedicated trips for teams, offering great miles and predictable home-time. Teams can stay out as little as two weeks or as long as you like. Married couples can really save money and get financially ahead. Con-way Freight is our sister company. We regularly haul loads from terminal to terminal for Con-way Freight. Con-way Freight has terminals in most major cities across America. This provides us with the ability to get the business which adds to our customer base and your bottom line.
Team pay starts at .44cpm, plus an additional .03cpm for hauling HAZMAT. When running on the East coast, you earn an extra .05cpm. Every quarter you will also receive a Safety Bonus.



Con-way Truckload


Satisfied Drivers Stay With Con-way

Con-way Truckload Driver When Con-way Truckload finds good drivers, they want to keep them. That's why the Driver Retention department was establihed. The goal is simple: we listen to drivers, find out what they need, then make their job as easy as possible. Unlike other carriers that may only look at shipping and receiving, we treat our drivers like they're our top customer.
Con-way Truckload's Driver Retention program sets us apart from other carriers - and our drivers are showing us it helps.
We have always been about 35% below the national average for driver turnover. With the new Driver Retention department and a renewed focus on drivers, Con-way's recent turnover rates now approach 60% below the national average. We want every driver to want to work at Con-way. Join our team!



Con-way Truckload

Hiring Guidelines:

HAZMAT is required within 120 days of hiring on.

At least 3-6 months of OTR exp in the last year or at least 1 1/2 yrs in the last 3 yrs of tractor trailer experience.

No more than 1 incident in last year, no more than 3 incidents in the last 3 years.

Felonies reviewed on a case by case basis.

You can't have been discharged or terminated from your most recent over the road employer and also can't have more than 12 month unemployed in last 3 yrs.



Con-way Truckload

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